Weeknight winners

When time is in short supply, as it so often is during the course of the working week, you need dinners that come together easily, with a minimum of fuss in both the shopping and the making. These recipes are some of my top answers to that eternal question: What’s for dinner?


Mustard pork with nectarines

A simple one-pan, 15-minute weeknight winner with a sauce made with wholegrain mustard and apple cider.


Risi e bisi

Let this gentle, soothing not-risotto of rice and peas come to your rescue.


Mild salmon curry

A tomato and coconut milk broth, livened up with a few spices, makes for a tasty weeknight way with salmon.


Daeji bulgogi

One of the great staples of Korean home cooking, daeji bulgogi is easy to make and sensational to eat.


Easy noodle stir-fry

A versatile way to get a great dinner on the table in a few minutes with a minimum of fuss.


Spiced baby eggplants

Their natural flavour complemented with spices, these are a lovely side dish or the basis of a great salad.


Harissa-roasted butternut

Sweet roasted butternut pumpkin with the spicy heat of harissa. It’s addictively delicious.


Doughnut bread pudding

A bread pudding with a trick up its sleeve: it looks, feels, tastes and smells like doughnuts.


Quick berry crumble

An impromptu dessert to keep up your sleeve.


Emergency chocolate dessert

When life hands you lemons, hand them right back and make these warm, fudgy little chocolate cakes instead.

Paul Hayes