Weekend wonders

The leisurely pace of the weekend doesn’t mean that food has to be more elaborate, but you can invest some time into the kind of dishes that reward with flavour. Here are some suggestions for making weekend menus relaxing and comfortable, the kind of food that says it’s good to be home.


Hoisin and honey pork belly

A dish that rewards patience. You need a lot of time to make this, but minimal effort. Plan ahead and you’ll have a glorious weekend feast.


Beef short rib ragu

Slow-cooked until meltingly tender, this is a rich meat sauce for pasta with serious depth.


Spinach and tomato sformata

Something like a crustless quiche, a sformata makes for a lovely weekend lunch.


Maple and lemon roast chicken

A sweet and fruity way to change up roast chicken.



A sheet of store-bought puff pastry is very easy to turn in a delicious, rustic tart.


Sweet potato spoonbread

This can serve double duty: as a replacement for pancakes at breakfast or brunch, or as a tasty side dish at dinner.


Slow-cooked lamb with orzo

Cosy one-pan comfort food made with ordinary ingredients that comes together as something special.


Moroccan lamb with apricots

The great spice mix ras el hanout is the star ingredient in this North African–inspired dish.


Sea salt and balsamic vinegar wedges

Essential weekend snacking, perfect with cold beers on a sunny afternoon.


Personal cheesecakes for two

No-bake cheesecakes the size of cupcakes are the weekend indulgence we deserve.

Paul Hayes